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      Rugao Sanyuan Surveying Instruments co., ltd was founded in 1995 by our general manager –Edgar GU ,which specialize in surveying instruments.Sanyuan located in Wuyao industrial park in Rugao city, Jiangsu Province, China.,which covers an area is 8000 square meters. The traffic here is very convenient, 190km to shanghai, 2 hours' drive.

      During the past years,sanyuan had a good cooperation relationship with some famous company ,such as STABILA,CRAIN,SECO etc.Through years development ,sanyuan established our own brand ‘CEDGAR&CRSG”,and gradually start to cooperate with the dealers from all over the world.

      With strength of the experience to cooperate with brand company ,advanced equipment,professional research and development team ,excellent sales team ,strong leadship ,sanyuan got the appreciation and affirmation from many european customers and other region superior dealers because of the high quality and service.

      Our key measurement products are tripod series, prism& prism poles series, GPS accessories, and many other accessories used with measurement.

      our mission is trust ,practial,efficient .supply high quality ,excellent service and competitive price to our customers.

      Sanyuan sincere welcome measurement products vendors from all over the world ,hope to find a way to cooperate with you.

      Copyright by Rugao sanyuan surveying instruments Co., ltd
      Telephone: 86-513-87941688    Fax: 86-513-87946586    Mob:+86-13921458592
      Address: Wuyao industrial park,Rugao,Jiangsu,China    Email: edgar@crsg-surveying.com

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